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Services Provided

Branding, Website Development, Product Marketing

Team Members

Sage Boone, Randi Fleeman, Alfonzo Clodfelter

HYPEWICKS Candle Co. gained a lot of traction via Tiktok and Instagram - they wanted to reinvest into better marketing for the 2022 Holiday Season. With Optimonium's assistance, we created a campaign that showcased their products in a high-fashion setting. Our team took high-quality images of their products and integrated that digital media throughout their newly revamped website, social media pages, and product pages. We then created a series of digital media along with a content schedule to increase engagement. Lastly, our advertising team created multiple campaigns in which to run A/B testing via Meta Business, Tiktok Business, and LinkedIn Advertising. This created record breaking sales for HYPEWICKS during the holiday season.

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