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Services Provided

Brand Strategy, Website Design, Social Media Campaigns, AR Integration, Metaverse Integration

Team Members

Sage Boone, Randi Fleeman, Tijai Whatley, Alfonzo Clodfelter

72 is a fashion brand of the future. With authentic streetwear designs, their brand is limited to 72 drops. This means they must be strategic with their marketing to maximize profits and brand awareness. They partnered with Optimonium to create a strategic marketing plan. We came together and curated a variety of graphics and 3D Images to separate their brand from competitors. This 3D imaging also opened up opportunities for 72 to integrate their products within the MetaVerse using our AR Integration services. We are currently creating stores in multiple online marketplaces such as Roblox and Decentraland for 72. This is an ongoing partnership so please note all portfolio work is not yet available due to privacy concerns.

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